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Unlike most media industry investors who invest in media technology and platforms, IPR.VC is investing in media content.

IPR.VC invests in scalable cross media products, which can be licensed and transferred for other delivery channels and interfaces and which can be modified and licensed for new purposes. This is a huge, underserved market.

Traditionally, VCs have invested heavily in mediatech, distribution platforms and software. The value and investments in the media industry are moving fast toward content IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). We believe that the value of the target companies is in their product rights portfolio and the licensing and public viewing payments revenue. IPR.VC provides support to companies in the ownership and control of their Intellectual Properties.

The track records of IPR.VC’s management team in venture capital and media business include content creation, creative direction, business management, and investment management experience. For startups and content companies, IPR.VC management’s knowledge, skills, and attitude provide a relevant and helpful perspective.  IPR.VC is supporting companies’ ownership and control for their IP’s.

Please note that we are not investing in media platforms or mediatech. The following describes how we tell the difference:

Mediatech IPR.VC


Social technical platform

Character and story


Build functionality

Build emotions





Profile and mass

Individuals' payments, licensing


Scalable when purpose is the same

Fully scalable for other purposes also


Selling the audience to corporations

Selling content to the user


Multiply the same as a new platform

New purpose


Tech giants

Media and publishing, IPR portfolio

Variable costs

Bandwidth, cloud

Content producing, staff

investment instruments

In addition to investments in company equity, IPR.VC’s financial instruments allow investing in content IP equity (intellectual property).
Content equity investment may be preceded with a smaller development investment.

  1. In equity investments IPR.VC typically invests €0.5…5m per company in one or several funding rounds. IPR.VC prefers investing along other fund investors.
  2. Project finance instrument investments are typically €0.5…2m per case. Project finance is the preferred form of investment instrument for audiovisual content investments.
  3. In some cases IPR.VC will first make a smaller, €50k-100k investment for the content development prior to investing with the a Project finance instrument. It may be used, for example, for script writing, developing tasks, project planning, or piloting.

You can read about funding of moving images from here

How to apply for funding

Please read the Investment Criteria on this page and collect the described information to brief us.
Start by sending e-mail about your project and company to: info (at)

  • Description of the content

    Concept, script, mood board, other product plans like a trailer, game concept, or playble  demo, etc.

  • Description of the business

    Business plan or other document describing business targets and strategy

  • Financing plan

    Calculations and targets in Excel format