A new venture capital fund for creative industries founded in Finland – IPR.VC Fund I starts its operation with 13M€ of capital

A Finnish venture capital fund founded by experienced professionals in media and venture capital investment, IPR.VC Fund I Ky (”IPR.VC”) starts its operation. The fund will invest mostly in Finnish digital content companies that produce TV programs, movies, games, animations, Internet and mobile content, music or other licensable media content.

IPR.VC is a private venture capital fund whose capital commitments at the start of operation have a total value of about 13 million Euros. Investors in the fund include pension institutions, family-owned investment companies, industrial investors, the Finnish government-owned Tekes Pääomasijoitus Oy and the fund managers. The size of the fund can be expanded to 20M€ within a year from the start. .

The goal of IPR.VC is to create international success stories based on intellectual property rights of media contents in Finland and to prove that intellectual property rights of media contents are worth investing in.

IPR.VC will invest in the growing digital media content business. The “IPR” in the fund’s name refers to intellectual property rights and the “VC” to venture capital. Until now, content business based on media intellectual property rights has been underserved in terms of funding and other aid, even though this is a business with a global value of over 560 billion Euros which is expected to rise to 900 billion. Until now, venture capital investment has been used in Finland mostly for companies making business-to-business technological platforms and software. IPR.VC’s investment strategy is based on international production and licensing business with intellectual property rights of content.

Digitalization has treated the manufacturing industry and traditional media poorly, but with digitalization, intellectual property rights have become more important and a source for new growth. According to the PwC consulting firm, the share of digital media of total media profits will surpass traditional media in 2018.

The task of Tekes Pääomasijoitus Oy is to strengthen the growth funding of Finnish companies at the starting stage. Tekes Pääomasijoitus Oy’s investment commitment to the IPR.VC fund is 6 M€.

IPR.VC will use conditional investment instruments of both its own and outside capital designed for creative industry

IPR.VC will invest in media companies producing high-quality content products and aiming at international success. The products of the target companies are reproducible media products that are used and presented on different platforms from mobile devices to giant screens. The products may also be physical supplementary products.

Investment objects:

  • TV formats and series
  • Movies
  • Animations
  • Internet contents and services, digital publications
  • Games
  • Music
  • Design and other areas

Besides exit profits, the fund will make profit from the royalty income of product sales, which means that the circulation of capital will be faster and investment profits better than with traditional venture capital funds.

Founded and managed by experienced professionals

The IPR.VC management team is made out of experienced professionals in the media business, IPR industry and venture capital investment who help companies succeed in the international market.

Timo Argillander, founding partner and CEO-partner, experienced entrepreneur and business director, respected IPR business consultant, former director of Apple and Edita.

Tanu-Matti Tuominen, founding partner, experienced IPR industry entrepreneur, writer and creative director, business angel and venture capital investor (Tietovalta, Mediatonic, Vision+)

Jarkko Virtanen, partner, chairman of the board, experienced international business director and venture capital investor (IBM, 3i, Capman)

Mannerheimintie 20 B, 6. kerros
FI-00100 Helsinki

For more information:
Timo Argillander,, +358 400 448079
Tanu-Matti Tuominen,, +358 500 593001
Jarkko Virtanen,, +358 40 5476945