Responsible Investing

IPR.VC Environmental, Social and Governance Policy (ESG)

IPR.VC has the mission to enable ambitious content creation and distribution companies to reach international success with their film, TV and other creative properties. Growing content industry will also bring employment and welfare to societies. Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy aims at fostering our industry’s contribution to the society by ensuring and enhancing the companies’ footprint on environmental and social matters.

ESG is all too often regarded as a bureaucratic process exercise. We are committed to motivate and challenge our investee companies to implement actions and processes that contribute in the real world to enhancing environmental, social and governance aspects.

At IPR.VC, we are committed to apply this policy in our own operations as well.

ESG in investee companies

The business of content creation companies we invest in is both office work with a limited environmental footprint and film and TV shootings that can cause sometimes significant impact on environment, especially in the areas of logistics, power supply, catering and waste management.

We at IPR.VC regard it as critical to address reducing carbon footprint in productions for several reasons. First, we have only one planet and it is everyone’s benefit inside and outside our business that productions are carried out responsibly. Second, carbon footprint reduction in the form of resource efficiency leads to concrete cost savings. And thirdly, responsible way of operating mitigates environmental and social risks, which in the worst case can carry massive human and financial cost. Thus, we will challenge the productions we finance to take concrete actions for resource effectiveness and reducing carbon footprint.

On the social responsibility side, we will pay special attention to workforce diversity, inclusivity, equality and avoidance of harassment; and working conditions and agreements of employees and especially interims.

As part of our social responsibility, we will refrain from funding

  • projects that present extreme physical or mental violence or porn
  • games with an age rating higher than 16 years
  • first-person-shooter games
  • content that presents abuse, discrimination or harassment in an acceptable light

While we acknowledge tight production schedules and budgets, we encourage and require producers to take actions for environmentally and socially conscious operation. Environmental and social responsibility is not only nice-to-have or add-on, it shall be incorporated in production processes and company strategies.

The total coverage of our ESG policy is presented in the company questionnaire.

Organizing ESG at IPR.VC

We at IPR.VC have created a tailored ESG questionnaire for our focus industry. The questionnaire is based on Invest Europe recommendations. The questionnaire also includes content industry specific questions.

As a part of our investment process we always assess that the potential investee company or producer complies with our ESG policy. Complying to the ESG policy is an absolute requirement for our investment. ESG compliance will be assessed as a part of investment due diligence process. Commitment to the ESG policy is also included in the representations and warranties list in the investment agreements.

We require ESG reporting from our investee companies once a year. If the reporting or other observations raise questions over ESG implementation, we will verify the ESG implementation status. Also, the ESG status of our management company is verified with the same schedule. The annual ESG status report of the management company is presented to the advisory board(s) of the fund(s) under management.

We provide our fund investors portfolio ESG report once a year, in conjunction with Q1 reporting in April.

We have appointed a responsible board member, who is in charge for the ESG policy and its implementation. We co-operate on an on-going basis with industry organizations to develop ESG policies in the content industries.

IPR.VC is member of Finnish Venture Capital Association and complies to their code of conduct.