IPR.VC turns two years: need for content financing strong

Today we celebrate the second anniversary of the first IPR.VC fund! IPR.VC finances entrepreneurs who are creating global success stories in storytelling business.  At this point we have behind us one half of the fund’s four-year investment period and we have invested approximately one half of the fund’s total capital of 20 million euros.

During the first two years we have inspected 404 investment proposals and made 23 investments so far. Several investments are currently under preparation. We also have launched our work to create new funds that will succeed our current fund once it has been fully invested.

We established IPR.VC to attract institutional investor capital for financing companies and producers of creative content. In media and entertainment industry, the emphasis is shifting from technologies to content. Media content industry is over trillion euro annual business worldwide.

We have identified a strong demand for a fund management company that offers institutional investors the opportunity to invest in intellectual property in media and entertainment and thus bring new capital for creative industries.

IPR.VC is an interpreter and interface between creative companies and the financiers and the team has special skills and knowledge to look beyond traditional financial services and think about more innovative financing solutions.

Among our investments are the following companies and projects:

Blidz is developing a new mobile game in stealth mode and they will launch the beta soon.

Bordertown crime series produced by Fisher King Oy. The first season is a global success that is broadcast in many countries and streamed on Netflix. The second season is in production.

Gigglebug Entertainment Ltd developes positive digital content for the children. Animations based Gigglebug story and characters have been produced for television animation, books and game apps

The Guardian Angel is a psychological thriller by written and directed by Arto Halonen, based on the true story about a man who used hypnosis to turn another man into a robber and a murderer. The international cast includes international famous actors like Pilou Asbaek, Josh Lucas, Rade Šerbedžija and Sara Soulie.

Koukoi Games is developing a mobile game that features Ferdinand the Bull, the hero of upcoming Fox animated film. See the film’s trailer here.

Lightneer develops learning games with traction. Their first game Big Bang Legends has been launched in Finland and Singapore. Download it for iOS or for Android.

The Name of the Game film by New Dawn Films is a feature-length documentary about the team up between the legendary arcade game designer, Eugene Jarvis, and the Finnish game developer, Housemarque. See the teaser here.

Rival Games and multiplatform entertainment company Skybound Entertainment have partnered to bring Robert Kirkman’s comic book series Thief of Thieves into the gaming world with a new interactive game based off of the comic.

Tom of Finland movie is acclaimed biopic about gay artist Touko Laaksonen. Directed by Dome Karukoski, the film has been appointed Finnish candidate for Oscar awards and it will launch in the US in October.

Tubecon is a Nordic startup that specializes in organizing arena-sized conventions for the video content creators, fans and industry members. Tubecon is the biggest YouTuber convention in Scandinavia

In addition to these cases we have made 13 smaller development loan investments.

We will continue our work with exciting projects in next years. We will do our best to build good business environment for European creators, producers and distributors. Our financing approach will also support the progress towards European digital single market of media content and services.