Funding of moving images


IPR.VC is planning to launch IPR.VC Fund II in Q1/2019. The target size of the fund is €40–50 million. The fund will focus on TV and film producers and potential disruptive content concepts in selected European areas that have the most developed content ecosystems.

We are focusing on European media and entertainment production companies that have major growth potential in international markets and that can be accelerated with the help of our investment.

We will target two segments within media content:
Audiovisual content: TV, film, Internet video, and animation
Transmedia content and disruptive content services: VR, AI, e-sports, IP-based video games, in-car media, etc.
What is content IPR that IPR.VC is investing in?

  1. Content IPR is an agreement-based intangible right for commercial exploitation of media content (film, TV program, game, etc.)
  2. Content IPRs are monetized through trading and licensing
    – Trading: changing ownership
    – Licensing: retaining ownership, charging a fee based on use or revenue
  3. Content IPRs are fully scalable and, in digital channels, their variable reproduction costs are near zero
  4. IPR.VC can invest either in content producer company’s equity or directly in IPR equity

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