One Last Deal

Film Directed by Klaus Härö, written by Anna Heinämaa & Produced by Making Movies Oy & Mamocita Oy; Kai Nordberg & Kaarle Aho.

One last Deal is a film about an elderly art dealer Olavi (72) who is about to retire. The man who has always put business and art before everything – even his family – cannot imagine life without work.

At an auction an old painting catches his attention. Olavi suspects it is worth much more than its starting price which is low because its authenticity hasn’t been confirmed. Olavi’s instincts kick in. He decides to make one last deal in order to earn proper pension money.

At the same time the film is a story about family relations and what kind of inheritage we leave behind.

Klaus Härö is one of the most award-winning  finnish director known from his touching and aesthetic style. Making Movies Oy is a finnish internationally awarded production company owned by producers Kai Nordberg and Kaarle Aho.