The first stage of IPR.VC’s investment in The Red Harlequin TV series development has kicked off with newly formed Pantomimus Media, in association with Executive Producer Rick Porras. Porras’ previous credits include: Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (co-producer, and second unit director); Robert Zemeckis’ Contact andForrest Gump; and most recently, Sony London Studio’s upcoming title, Blood & Truth– a high-octane action narrative game, developed exclusively for PlayStation VR (performance capture directing). Porras will draw on his singular experience in ground-breaking, fantasy mega-projects, to oversee both the creative aspects of the TV production as well as its long-term 360 strategy.

The Red Harlequin saga features Asheva, an aspirational teenager living in a complex world divided among Chrome Nations, where everyone lives hidden behind a mask. Drawing inspiration from events such as the Arab Spring, Indignados and Occupy Wall Street, The Red Harlequinis a visually stunning and highly engaging allegory on society, religion, politics, morality and revolution – and a mirror of the current youth and populist movements currently shaking the globe.

The first five The Red Harlequinbooks are sold on Amazon where they have topped several best-seller lists. French language rights are held by Editions Ada, a specialist in Youth, YA and Adult fiction such as Divergent(Veronica Roth), Merlinseries (T.A. Baron), Fablehaven(Brandon Mull), Beyonders(Brandon Mull), and the Sweepseries (Cate Tiernan). The graphic novel rights are represented by leading European agency VIP Brands (Ivanka Hahnenberger).

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