Code of conduct of IPR.VC

At IPR.VC we believe in fair treatment and an inclusive environment. Thus, we have created this code of conduct to support fair treatment of everyone in our community. This document lays out what is unacceptable behavior and defines the process for anyone to report unacceptable behavior.

We expect everyone associated with IPR.VC to follow this code of conduct, including, but not limited to our team, investors, strategic partners and other busines contacts. This code of conduct applies to all settings associated with IPR.VC including, but not limited to working at the office, work travel, work events, social outings, social media & email communication.


Comments or behavior that treat a person less favorably. Includes but is not limited to:

  • Racial or ethnic slurs
  • Homophobic or transphobic comments or slurs
  • Treating someone less favorably because of external factors such as age or sex
  • Holding a compulsory meeting when an employee who must care for family can’t attend


Unwanted conduct related to a protected characteristic or sexual nature, with the purpose of violating the victim’s dignity or creating a degrading, humiliating or offensive environment. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Bullying
  • Unwelcome touching or flirtation
  • Sexual or sexually suggestive comments, insults, metaphors or gestures
  • Unsolicited questions about marital status, relationship or sexual preferences

Other unacceptable behaviour

  • Knowingly making a false report alleging a breach of this code of conduct
  • Knowingly acting in a manner which is contrary to the spirit of this code of conduct

Reporting and enforcement

We encourage everyone to report any violations of this code of conduct in writing to our Managing Partner Timo Argillander at timo(at) or CFO Nina Rudanko at nina(at) For anonymous reporting this form can be used.