IPR.VC invests in high-quality film and TV content in Europe and North America.  IPR.VC offers institutional investors portfolio diversification and access to media and entertainment alternative assets. IPR.VC funds offer fast capital rotation, downside protection and attractive risk/return ratio.

Photo/image: ‘The Unstoppable Yellow Yeti’  courtesy of Gigglebug Entertainment & Disney

Investors in IPR.VC Funds are professional investors like pension insurance companies, foundations and family offices.

As a regulated fund manager IPR.VC provides its investors standard format reporting (IPEV), anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing compliance (compliance page).

Original content is a fast-growing business area thanks to new digital distribution channels and consumers’ ever-growing appetite for content.

Film and TV content industry is not correlated to macroeconomic trends. People consume media and entertainment despite of economic trends.

IPR.VC’s deal flow strategy is based on long-term collaborations with strategic distribution partners. By sourcing the best distribution partners, the Fund gains access to the best project deal flow.

Please contact IPR.VC Investor Relations:

Partner, Co-Founder
Tanu-Matti Tuominen
Tel +358 500 593001

IPR.VC has currently three funds

IPR.VC Fund I: capital €20m, investment period 2015-2019, focus areas film, TV, games, animation and internet. Equity and IP royalty investments. Investment period ended.

IPR.VC Fund II: capital €65m, investment period started 2019, focus high quality film and TV content with partnership strategy. IP royalty investments. Investment period ended.

IPR.VC Fund III: capital €60,5m, investment period started 2023, focus high quality film and TV content with partnership strategy. IP royalty investments.

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Sustainable investing

Mating sustainability-related financial risks and enhancing environmental, social and governance sustainability in the projects that the Fund invests in.

IPR.VC recognizes that growing content creation industry brings employment and welfare to society.

The policy supports specifically two United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

5. Gender equality; and 13. Climate action.

The policy complies with the EU regulation on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector. Fund III will be a “light green” fund according to SFDR Article 8.

IPR.VC Sustainability Policy